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beach, and stepped on the log. He saw a turtle about the size of an ordinary saucer. Picking it up, he saw a bullet-hole in the shell near the middle. The bullet had gone through the turtle, and it was quite dead. Joe carried it to the waiting group. I allowed so, declared Jonathan. Wetzel examined the turtle, and turning to the old missionary, said: Your brother spoke the truth, an I thank you fer the rifle. Chapter 8 Chapter 8 So you want to know all about Wetzel? inquired Colonel Zane of Joe, when, having left Jim and Mr. Wells, they returned to the cabin. I am immensely interested in him, replied Joe. Well, I dont think theres anyth canada goose black kensington parka ing singular in that. I know Wetzel better, canada goose black kensington parka perhaps, than any man living; but have seldom talked about him. He doesnt like it. He is by birth a Virginian; I

deep, unbroken calm of the wilderness. Wetzel stepped to the bluff and looked over. The stony wall opposite was only thirty feet away, and somewhat lower. From Wetzels action it appeared as if he intended to leap the fissure. In truth, many a band of Indians pursuing the hunter into this rocky fastness had come out on the bluff, and, marveling at what they thought Wetzels prowess, believed he had made a wonderful leap, thus eluding them. But he had never attempted that leap, first, because he knew it was well-nigh impossible, and secondly, there had never been any neces canada goose black kensington parka sity for such risk. Any one leaning over this cliff wou canada goose black kensington parka ld have observed, perhaps ten feet below, a narrow ledge projecting from the face of the rock. He would have imagined if he were to drop on that ledge there would be no

tone was curt, authoritative, as that of a man used to power. As many as you like. Who are you? I am Isaac Zane. Are you Wetzels companion, or the renegade Deering? I am not a renegade any more than you are. I was rescued by the Indian girl, who took me as her husband, said Joe coldly. He was surprised, and did not know what to make of Zanes manner. Good! Im glad to meet you, instantly replied Zane, his tone and expression changing. He extended canada goose black kensington parka his hand to Joe. I wanted to be sure. I never saw the renegade Deering. He is here now. I am on my way to the Wyandot town. I have been to Fort Henry, where my brother told me of you and the missionaries. When I arrived here I heard your story from Simon Girty. If you can, you canada goose black kensington parka must get away from here. If I dared Id take you to the Huron village, but

sacrifice any one, or all, to retain his supremacy. He knew the fulfillment of the decree as laid down by Pipe and Half King would be known as his work. His name, infamous now, would have an additional horror, and ever be remembered b canada goose black kensington parka y posterity in unspeakable loathing, in unsoftening wrath. He knew this, and deep down in his heart awo canada goose black kensington parka ke a numbed chord of humanity that twinged with strange pain. What awful work he must sanction to keep his vaunted power! More bitter than all was the knowledge that to retain this hold over the indians he must commit a deed which, so far as the whites were concerned, would take away his great name, and brand him a coward. He briefly reviewed his stirring life. Singularly fitted for a leader, in a few years he had risen to the most powerful position on the

was no need to strike. The renegades side was torn open from shoulder to hip. A deluge of blood poured out upon the moss. Deering choked, a bloody froth formed on his lips. His fingers clutched at nothing. His eyes rolled violently and then were fixed in an awful stare. The girl lying canada goose black kensington parka so quiet in the woods near the old hut was avenged! Jonathan turned again to Wetzel and Girty, not with any intention to aid the hunter, but simply to witness the end of the struggle. Without the help of the powerful Deering, how pitifully weak was the Deathshead of the frontier in the hands of the Avenger! Jim Girtys tomahawk was thrown in one direction and his knife in another. He struggled vainly in the canada goose black kensington parka iron grip that held him. Wetzel rose to his feet clutching the renegade. With his left arm, which had

laughed without noise, showing his teeth, which werefine and of which, canada goose black kensington parka as the rest of his person, he appeared to takegreat care. He answered the appeal of his friend by anaffirmative nod of the head.This affirmation appeared to dispel all doubts with regard to thebaldric. They continued to admire it, but said no more about it;and with a rapid change of thought, the conversation passedsuddenly to another subject.What do you t canada goose black kensington parka hink of the story Chalaiss esquire relates? askedanother Musketeer, without addressing anyone in particular, buton the contrary speaking to everybody.And what does he say? asked Porthos, in a self-sufficient tone.He relates that he met at Brussels Rochefort, the AME DAMNEE ofthe cardinal disguised as a Capuchin, and that this cursedRochefort, thanks to his disguise, had

therefore, immediately to his hotel, and causedhimself to be announced.The two nobles saluted each other politely, for if no friendshipexisted between them, there was at least esteem. Both were menof courage and honor; and as M. de la Tremouille--a Protestant,and seeing the king seldom--was of no party, he did not, ingeneral, carry any bias into his social relations. This time,however, his address, although polite, was cooler than usual.Monsieur, said M. de Treville, we fancy t canada goose black kensington parka hat we have eachcause to complain of the other, and I am come to endeavor toclear up this affair.I have no objection, replied M. de la Tremouille, but I warnyou that I am well informed, and all the fault is with yourMusketeers.You are too just and reasonable a man, monsie canada goose black kensington parka ur! said Treville,not to accept the proposal I

inform M. de Treville that his youngcompatriot, having something important to communicate, solici canada goose black kensington parka ted aprivate audience. Five minutes after, M. de Treville was askingDArtagnan what he could do to serve him, and what caused hisvisit at so late an hour.Pardon me, monsieur, said DArtagnan, who had profited by themoment he had been left alone to put back M. de Trevilles clockthree-quarters of an hour, but I thought, as it canada goose black kensington parka was yet onlytwenty-five minutes past nine, it was not too late to wait uponyou.Twenty-five minutes past nine! cried M. de Treville, looking atthe clock; why, thats impossible!Look, rather, monsieur, said DArtagnan, the clock shows it.Thats true, said M. de Treville; I believed it later. Butwhat can I do for you?Then DArtagnan told M. de Treville a long history about thequeen.