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flocking to the new colony. Chiefs and warriors, squaws and maidens, were attracted by the new doctrine of the converted Indians. They were astonished at the missionaries teachings. Many doubted, some were converted, all listened. Great excitement prevailed when old Glickhican, one of the wisest chiefs of the Turtle tribe of the Delawares, became a convert to the palefaces religion. The interest widened, and in a few years a beautiful, p canada goose canada rosperous town arose, which was called Village of Peace canada goose canada . The Indians of the warlike tribes bestowed the appropriate name. The vast forests were rich in every variety of game; the deep, swift streams were teeming with fish. Meat and grain in abundance, buckskin for clothing, and soft furs for winter garments were to be had for little labor. At first only a

On the morrow Wetzel went out to look over the hunting prospects. About noon he returned. Joe was surprised to find some slight change in the hunter. He could not tell what it was. I seen Injun sign, said Wetzel. Theres no tellin how soon we may run agin the sneaks. We cant hunt here. Like as not theres Hurons and Delawares skulkin round. I think Id better take you back to the village. Its all on my account you say that, said Joe. Sure, Wetzel replied. If you were alone what would you do? I calkilate Id hunt fer some red-skinned game. The supreme moment had come. Joes heart beat hard. He could not miss this opportunity; he must stay with the hunter. He looked closely at Wetzel. I wont go back to the village, he said. The hunter stood in his favorite position, lea canada goose canada ning on his long rifle, and canada goose canada

instant later the tall figure of a man stepped from behind a thicket. He was a white man, but not recognizable at that distance, even if a friend. canada goose canada The stranger waved his hand as if asking them to be cautious, and come to him. They went toward the thicket, and when within a few paces of the man M canada goose canada r. Wells exclaimed: Its the man who guided my party to the village. It is Wetzel! The other missionaries had never seen the hunter though, of course, they were familiar with his name, and looked at him with great curiosity. The hunters buckskin garments were wet, torn, and covered with burrs. Dark spots, evidently blood stains, showed on his hunting-shirt. Wetzel? interrogated Heckewelder. The hunter nodded, and took a step behind the bush. Bending over he lifted something from the ground. It was a

another. But go ahead, Lew. Plug that cowardly redskin! Wetzel knelt on one knee, and thrust the black rifle forward through the fern leaves. Slowly the fatal barrel rose to a level, and became as motionless as the immovable stones. Jonathan fixed his keen gaze on the haughty countenance of Half King as he stood with folded arms and scornful mien in front of the Christians he had just condemned. Even as the short, stinging crack of Wetzels rifle broke the silence, Jonathan saw the fierce express canada goose canada ion of Half Kings dark face change to one of vacant wildness. His arms never relaxed from their folded position. He fell, as falls a monarch of the f canada goose canada orest trees, a dead weight. Chapter 25 Chapter 25 Please do not preach to-day, said Nell, raising her eyes imploringly to Jims face. Nellie, I must

and twenty-seven children. An hour after you left us the church was in ashes, and the next day I saw the burned bodies. Oh! the sickening horror of the scene! It haunts me! That monster Jim Girty killed fourteen Christians with his sledge-hammer. Did you hear of his death? asked Colone canada goose canada l Zane. Yes, and a fitting end it was to the frontier Skull and Cross-bones. It was like Wetzel to think of such a vengeance. Has Wetzel come in since? No. Jonathan says he went after Wingenund, and theres no telling when hell return. I hoped he would spare the Delaware. Wetzel spare an Indian! But the chief was a friend. He surely saved the girl. I am sorry, too, because Wingenund was a fine Indian. But Wetzel is implacable. canada goose canada Heres Nell, and Mrs. Clarke too. Come out, both of you, cried Jim. Nell appeared in

Trevilles private rooms, and striking his shoulder violently,made him utter a cry, or rather a howl.Excuse me, said DArtagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,excuse me, but I am in a hurry.Scarcely had he descended the first stair, when a hand of ironseized him by the belt and stopped him.You are in a hurry? said the Musketeer, as pale as a sheet.Under that pretense you run against me! You say. Excuse me,and you believe that is sufficient? Not at all my young man. Doyou fancy because you have heard Monsieur de Treville speak to usa little cav canada goose canada alierly today that canada goose canada other people are to treat us as hespeaks to us? Undeceive yourself, comrade, you are not Monsieurde Treville.My faith! replied DArtagnan, recognizing Athos, who, after thedressing performed by the doctor, was returning to his

Planchet.DArtagnan, who was by nature very curious--as people generallyare who possess the canada goose canada genius of intrigu canada goose canada e--did all he could to makeout who Athos, Porthos, and Aramis really were for under thesepseudonyms each of these young men concealed his family name--Athos in particular, who, a league away, savored of nobility. Headdressed himself then to Porthos to gain information respectingAthos and Aramis, and to Aramis in order to learn something ofPorthos.Unfortunately Porthos knew nothing of the life of his silentcompanion but what revealed itself. It was said Athos had metwith great crosses in love, and that a frightful treachery hadforever poisoned the life of this gallant man. What could thistreachery be? All the world was ignorant of it.As to Porthos, except his real name as was the case

methodI have adopted with this boy is decidedly the best. I shall useit again upon occasion.And with all the swiftness of his legs, already a little fatiguedhowever, with the perambulations of the day, DArtagnan directedhis course toward M. de Trevilles.M. de Treville was not at his hotel. His company was on guard atthe Louvre; he was at the Louvre with his company.It canada goose canada was necessary to reach M. de Treville; it was important thathe should be informed of what was passing. DArtagnan resolvedto try and enter the Louvre. His costume of Guardsman in thecompany canada goose canada of M. Dessessart ought to be his passport.He therefore went down the Rue des Petits Augustins, and came upto the quay, in order to take the New Bridge. He had at first anidea of crossing by the ferry; but on gaining the riverside, hehad