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Once beyond the aisles of waving corn the hun canada goose down mitts ter saw over the shoulders of his captors the home of the redmen. A grassy plain, sloping gradually from the woody hill to a winding stream, was brightly beautiful with chestnut trees and long, well-formed lines of lodges. Many-hued blankets hung fluttering in the sun, and rising lazily were curling columns of blue smoke. The scene was picturesque and reposeful; the vivid hues suggesting the Indians love of color and ornament; the absence of life and stir, his languorous habit of sleeping away the hot noonday hours. The loud whoops, however, changed the quiet enca canada goose down mitts mpment into a scene of animation. Children ran from the wigwams, maidens and braves dashed here and there, squaws awakened from their slumber, and many a doughty warrior rose from his

The sight which met his gaze was one he thought he would never forget. An involuntary word escaped him. Magnificent! he exclaimed. The shady glade had been transformed in canada goose down mitts to a theater, from which gazed a thousand dark, still faces. A thousand eagle plumes waved, and ten thousand bright-hued feathers quivered in the soft breeze. The fantastically dressed scalps presented a contrast to the smooth, unadorned heads of the converted redmen. These proud plumes and defiant feathers told the difference between savage and Christian. canada goose down mitts In front of the knoll sat fifty chiefs, attentive and dignified. Representatives of every tribe as far west as the Scioto River were numbered in that circle. There were chiefs renowned for war, for cunning, for valor, for wisdom. Their stately presence gave the meeting

is because they see Injuns. Well? asked Joe, impatiently. Itll be moonlight a while arter midnight. Well lay low an wait, an then The sharp click of his teeth, like the snap of a steel trap, completed the sentence. Joe said no more, but followed the hunter into the woods. Stopping near a fallen tree, Wetzel raked up a bundle of leaves and spread them on the ground. Then he cut a few spreading branches from a beech, and leaned them against a log. Bidding the lad crawl in before he took one last look ar canada goose down mitts ound and then made his way under the shelter. It was yet daylight, which seemed a strange time to creep into this little nook; but, Joe thought, canada goose down mitts it was not to sleep, only to wait, wait, wait for the long hours to pass. He was amazed once more, because, by the time twilight had given place to

the same blow which had prostrated his friend, but his physical strength and fortitude were such that he did not weaken. He was overjoyed to see that George rall canada goose down mitts ied, and showed no further indications of breaking down. True it was, perhaps, that Heckewelders earnest prayer on behalf of the converted Indians had sunk deeply into Georges heart and thus kept it from breaking. No stronger plea could have been made than the allusion to those gentle, dependent Christians. No one but a missionary could realize the sweetness, the simplicity, the faith, the eager hope for a good, true life which had been implanted in the hearts of these Indians. To bear it in mind, to think of what he, as a missionary and teacher, was to them, relieved him of half his burden, and for strength to bear canada goose down mitts the remainder

thought of again facing Girty. For Gods sake, Heckewelder, dont let him see me! Dont let him come in! Dont! Even as the imploring voice ceased a heavy thump sounded on the door. Whos there? demanded Heckewelder. Thump! Thump! The heavy blows shook the cabin. The pans ra canada goose down mitts ttled on the shelves. No answer came from without. Quick! Hide Benny! Its as much as our lives are worth to have him found here, cried Heckewelder in a fierce whisper, as he darted toward the door. All right, all right, in a moment, he called out, fumbling over the bar. He opened the door a moment later and when Jim Girty and Deering entered he turned to his friends with a dread uncertainty in his haggard face. Edwards lay canada goose down mitts on the bed with wide-open eyes staring at the intruders. Mr. Wells sat with bowed head. Zeisberger

went beyond raillery, drew hissword, saluted his adversary, canada goose down mitts and seriously placed himself onguard. But at the same moment, his two auditors, accompanied bythe host, fell upon DArtagnan with sticks, shovels and tongs.This caused so rapid and complete a diversion from the attackthat DArtagnans adversary, while the latter turned round toface this shower of blows, sheathed his sword with the sameprecision, and instead of an actor, which he had nearly been,beca canada goose down mitts me a spectator of the fight--a part in which he acquittedhimself with his usual impassiveness, muttering, nevertheless, Aplague upon these Gascons! Replace him on his orange horse, andlet him begone!Not before I have killed you, poltroon! cried DArtagnan,making the best face possible, and never retreating one stepbefore his three

would still do me a great honor to be your man.DArtagnan spoke these words with a simplicity that did honor tohis courtesy, without throwing the least doubt upon his courage.PARDIEU, monsieur! said Athos canada goose down mitts , thats a proposition thatpleases me; not that I can accept it, but a league off it savorsof the gentleman. Thus spoke and acted the gallant knights ofthe time of Charlemagne, in whom every cavalier ou canada goose down mitts ght to seek hismodel. Unfortunately, we do not live in the times of the greatemperor, we live in the times of the cardinal; and three dayshence, however well the secret might be guarded, it would beknown, I say, that we were to fight, and our combat would beprevented. I think these fellows will never come.If you are in haste, monsieur, said DArtagnan, with the samesimplicity with which a

And as it is three months canada goose down mitts since you havebeen here, and though, di canada goose down mitts stracted as you must be in yourimportant occupations, you have forgotten to pay me my rent--as,I say, I have not tormented you a single instant, I thought youwould appreciate my delicacy.How can it be otherwise, my dear Bonacieux? replied DArtagnan;trust me, I am fully grateful for such unparalleled conduct, andif, as I told you, I can be of any service to you--I believe you, monsieur, I believe you; and as I was about tosay, by the word of Bonacieux, I have confidence in you.Finish, then, what you were about to say.The citizen took a paper from his pocket, and presented it toDArtagnan.A letter? said the young man.Which I received this morning.DArtagnan opened it, and as the day was beginning to decline, heapproached the