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and more to the killing of Indians; but Lewis has been the great foe of the redman. You have already seen an example of his deeds, and will hear of more. His name is a household word on the border. Scores of times he has saved, actually saved, this fort and settlement. His knowledge of savage ways surpasses by far Boones, Major McCollochs, Jonathans, or any of the hunters. Then hunting Indians is his sole occupation? He lives for that purpose alone. He is very seldom in the settlement. Sometimes he stays here a few days, especially if he is needed; but usually he roams the canada goose for sale forests. W canada goose for sale hat did Jeff Lynn mean when he said that some people think Wetzel is crazy? There are many who think the man mad; but I do not. When the passion for Indian hunting comes upon him he is fierce, almost frenzied,

Wetzels retreatsfor he had manyhe considered this one the safest. The cavern under the ledge he had discovered by accident. One day, being ho canada goose for sale tly pursued by Shawnees, he had been headed off on this cliff, and had let himself d canada goose for sale own on the ledge, intending to drop from it to the tops of the trees below. Taking advantage of every little aid, he hung over by means of the shrub, and was in the act of leaping when he saw that the cliff shelved under the ledge, while within reach of his feet was the entrance to a cavern. He found the cave to be small with an opening at the back into a split in the rock. Evidently the place had been entered from the rear by bears, who used the hole for winter sleeping quarters. By crawling on his hands and knees, Wetzel found the rear opening. Thus he had

is bad! bad! What can I do? Cut out for yourself. Get away, if you can, with a gun. Take the creek below, follow the current down to the Ohio, and then make east for Fort Henry. But I want to rescue the white girl Jim Girty has concealed here somewhere. Impossible! Dont attempt it unless you want to throw your life away. Buzzard Jim canada goose for sale , canada goose for sale as we call Girty, is a butcher; he has probably murdered the girl. I wont leave without trying. And theres my wife, the Indian girl who saved me. Zane, shes a Christian. She wants to go with me. I cant leave her. I am warning you, thats all. If I were you Id never leave without a try to find the white girl, and Id never forsake my Indian bride. Ive been through the same thing. You must be a good woodsman, or Wetzel wouldnt have let you stay with him. Pick out

door, he knew he had never done a cowardly act. That which he had committed while he was drunk he considered as having been done by the liquor, and not by the man. He loved his power, and he loved his n canada goose for sale ame. In all Girtys eventful, ignoble life, neither the alienation from his people, the horror they ascribed to his power, nor the sacrifice of his life to stand high among the savage races, nor any of the cruel deeds committed while at war, hurt him a tithe as much as did this sanctioning the massacre of the Christians. Although he was a vengeful, unscrupulous, evil man, he had never acted the coward. Half King waited long for Girty to speak; since he canada goose for sale remained silent, the wily Huron suggested they take a vote on the question. Let us burn the Village of Peace, drive away the missionaries, and

em! Thars yer friends! cried Wetzel. On the dead branches of trees standing far above the hilltop, were many great, dark birds. They sat motionless as if waiting. Buzzards! Buzzards! hissed Wetzel. Girtys ghastly face became an awful thing to look upon. No living countenance ever before expressed such fear, such horror, such agony. He foamed at the mouth, he struggled, he writhe xxx canada goose for sale x d. With a terrible fascination he watched that quivering, dripping blade, now poised high. Wetzels arm swung with the speed of a shooting star. He drove the blade into Girtys groin, through flesh and bone, hard and fast into the tree. He nailed the renegade to the beech, there to await his lingering doom. Ah-h! Ah-h! Ah-h! shrieked Girty, in cries of agony. He fumbled and pulled at the haft of the knife, but could

withwonder at the news, you come canada goose for sale and tell us today, Let us say nomore about it.Well, then, let us talk about it, since you desire it, repliedAramis, patiently.This Rochefort, cried Porthos, if I were the esquire of poorChalais, should pass a minute or two very uncomfortably with me.And you--you would pass rather a sad quarter-hour with the RedDuke, replied Aramis.Oh, the Red Duke! Bravo! Bravo! The Red Duke! cried Porthos,clapping his hands and nodding his head. The Red Duke iscapital. Ill circulate that saying, be assured, my dear fellow.Who says this Aramis is not a wit? What a misfortune it is youdid not follow your first vocation; what a delicious abbe youwould have made!Oh, its only a temporary canada goose for sale postponement, replied Aramis; Ishall be one someday. You very well know, Porthos, that

on seeing these two noble lords who came to visit him,endeavored to raise himself up in his bed; but he was too weak,and exhausted by the effort, he fell back again almost senseless.M. de la Tremouille approached him, and made him inhale somesalts, which recalled him to life. Then M. de Treville,unwilling that it should be thought that he had influenced thewounded man, requested M. de la Tremouille to interrogate himhimself.That happened which M. de Treville had foreseen. Placed betweenlife and death, as Bernajoux was, he had no idea fo canada goose for sale r a moment ofconcealing the truth; and he described to the two nobles theaffair exactly canada goose for sale as it had passed.This was all that M. de Treville wanted. He wished Bernajoux aspeedy convalescence, took leave of M. de la Tremouille, returnedto his hotel, and

put wrong, and certain from that time that he had awitness to prove his alibi, he ran downstairs and soon foundhimself in the street.11 IN WHICH THE PLOT THIC canada goose for sale KENSHis visit to M. de Treville being paid, the pensive DArtagnantook the longest way homeward.On what was DArtagnan thinking, that he strayed thus from hispath, gazing at the stars of heaven, and sometimes sighing,sometimes smiling?He was thinking of Mme. Bonacieux. For an apprentice Mu canada goose for sale sketeerthe young woman was almost an ideal of love. Pretty, mysterious,initiated in almost all the secrets of the court, which reflectedsuch a charming gravity over her pleasing features, it might besurmised that she was not wholly unmoved; and this is anirresistible charm to novices in love. Moreover, DArtagnan haddelivered her from the hands of the