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in it something of veiled sympathy. Indian girls were always fascinated by white men. Many rec canada goose jacket reviews ords of Indian maidens kindness, of love, of heroism for white prisoners brighten the dark pages of frontier history. T canada goose jacket reviews hese girls walked past the hunter, averting their eyes when within his range of vision, but stealing many a sidelong glance at his impressive face and noble proportions. One of them, particularly, attracted the hunters eye. This was because, as she came by with her companions, while they all turned away, she looked at him with her soft, dark eyes. She was a young girl, whose delicate beauty bloomed fresh and sweet as that of a wild rose. Her costume, fringed, beaded, and exquisitely wrought with fanciful design, betrayed her rank, she was Wingenunds daughter. The hunter had seen

is clouded with the original sin. He lives in idleness; he paints his face; he makes his sq canada goose jacket reviews uaw labor for him, instead of laboring for her; he kills his brothers. canada goose jacket reviews He worships the trees and rocks. If he were wise he would not make gods of the swift arrow and bounding canoe; of the flowering ash and the flaming flint. For these things have not life. In his dreams he sees his arrow speed to the reeling deer; in his dreams he sees his canoe shoot over the crest of shining waves; and in his mind he gives them life. When his eyes are opened he will see they have no spirit. The spirit is in his own heart. It guides the arrow to the running deer, and steers the canoe over the swirling current. The spirit makes him find the untrodden paths, and do brave deeds, and love his children and his honor. It

bloody struggle soon to come, he knew not. Did this boiling spring, shimmering in the sliver moon-rays, hold in its murky depths a secret? Did these lonesome, shadowing trees, with their sad drooping branches, harbor a mystery? If a future tragedy was to be enacted here in this qui canada goose jacket reviews et glade, could the murmuring water or leaves whisper its portent? No; they were only silent, only unintelligible with natures mystery. The waiting man cursed himself for a craven coward; he fought back the benumbing sense; he steeled his heart. Was this his vaunted willingness to share the Avengers danger? His strong spirit rose up in arms; once more he was brave and fierce. He fastened a piercing gaze on the plumed guard. The India canada goose jacket reviews ns lounging posture against the rock was the same as it had been before, yet now

groups marked the end of the invading host. Most significant of all was the fact that neither child, maiden, nor squaw accompanied this army. Jim appraised the number at six or seven hundred, more than had ever before visited the village at one time. They were mostly Delawares, with many Shawnees, and a few Hurons among them. It was soon evident, however, that for the present, at least, the Indians did not intend any hostile demonstration. They were quiet in manner, and busy about their teepees and camp-fires, but there was an absence of the curiosity that had characterized the former sojourns of Indians at the peaceful village. After canada goose jacket reviews a brief consultation with his brother mission canada goose jacket reviews aries, who all were opposed to his preaching that afternoon, Jim decided he would not deviate from his usual

to see Captain Williamson, said Jim to a frontiersman on guard at the cabin door. Wal, hes inside, drawled the man. Jim thought the voice familiar, and he turned sharply to see the sun-burnt features of Jeff Lynn, the old riverman who had taken Mr. Wells party to Fort Henry. Why, Lynn! Im glad to see you, exclaimed Jim. Purty fair to middlin, answered Jeff, extending his big hand. Say, hows the other one, your brother as wus called Joe? I dont know. He ran off with Wetzel, was captured by Indians, and when I last heard of him he had married Wingenunds daughter. Wal, Ill be dog-goned! Jeff shook his grizzled head and slapped his leg. I jest knowed hed rai canada goose jacket reviews se somethin. Im in a hurry. Do you think Captain Williamson will stand still and let all canada goose jacket reviews this go on? Im afeerd so. Evidently the captain

years. Wehave already observed with what rapidity DArtagnan seized theexpression of a countenance. He perceived then, at a glance,that this woman was young and beautiful; and her style of beautystruck him more forcibly from its being totally different fromthat of the southern countries in which DArtagn canada goose jacket reviews an had hithertoresided. She was pale and fair, with long curls falling inprofusion over her shoulders, had large, blue, languishing eyes,rosy lips, and hands of alabaster. She was talking with greatanimation with the stranger.His Eminence, then, orders me-- said the lady.To retu canada goose jacket reviews rn instantly to England, and to inform him as soon as theduke leaves London.And as to my other instructions? asked the fair traveler.They are contained in this box, which you will not open untilyou are on the other

pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden canada goose jacket reviews it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do.This raillery exasperated Jussac. We will charge upon you,then, said he, if you disobey.There are five of them, said Athos, half aloud, and we are butthree; we shall be beaten again, and must die on the spot, for,on my part, I declare I will never appear again before thecaptain as a conquered man.Athos, Porthos, and Aramis instantly drew near one another, whileJussac drew up his soldiers.This short interval was sufficient to determine DArtagnan on t canada goose jacket reviews hepart he was to take. It was one of those events which decide thelife of a man; it was a choice between the king and thecardinal--the choice made,

DArtagnan, from this very day; and mind, if thewine is bad, we will send him to find better.We must use, and not abuse, said Aramis, sententiously.I always said that DA canada goose jacket reviews rtagnan had the longest head of the four,said Athos, who, having uttered his opinion, to which DArtagnanreplied with a bow, immediately resumed his accustomed silence.But come, what is this about? asked Porthos.Yes, said Aramis, impart it to us, my dear friend, unless thehonor of any lady be hazarded by this confidence; in that caseyou would do better to keep it to yourself.Be satisfied, replied DArtagnan; canada goose jacket reviews the honor of no one willhave cause to complain of what I have to tell.He then related to his friends, word for word, all that hadpassed between him and his host, and how the man who had abductedthe wife of his worthy