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The chief glanced at his prisoner; then looked more closely, and with one spring was on his feet, a drawn tomahawk n his hand. A short, shrill yell issued from his lips. Roused by that clarion call, the young braves jumped up, trembling in eager excitement. The chiefs summons had been the sharp war-cry of the Delawares. He manifested as intense emotion as could possibly have been betrayed by a matured, experienced chieftain, and pointing to the hunter, he spoke a single word. At noonday the Indians entered the fields of corn which marked the outskirts of the Delaware encampment. Kol-lookol-lookol-loo. The long signal, heralding the return of the party with important news, pealed throughout the quiet valley; and scarcely had the e canada goose jacket store choes died away when canada goose jacket store from the village came answering shouts.

purpose as it now fulfilled. These trees were large, spreading, and situated far apart. Mossy stones and the thick carpet of grass afforded seats for the congregation. Heckeweldera tall, spare, and kindly appearing mandirected the arranging of the congregation. He placed the converted Indians just behind the knoll upon which the presiding minister was to stand. In a half circle facing the knoll he seated the chieftains and important personages of the variou canada goose jacket store s tribes. He then made a short address in the Indian language, s canada goose jacket store peaking of the work of the mission, what wonders it had accomplished, what more good work it hoped to do, and concluded by introducing the young missionary. While Heckewelder spoke, Jim, who stood just behind, employed the few moments in running his eye over the multitude.

His sharp eyes had caught the glint of something white, canada goose jacket store which, upon being examined, proved to be a small ivory or bone buckle with a piece broken out. He showed it to Joe. By heavens! Wetzel, thats a buckle off Nell Wells shoe. Ive seen it too many times to mistake it. I was afear canada goose jacket store ed Girty hed your friends, the sisters, an mebbe your brother, too. Jack Zane said the renegade was hangin round the village, an that couldnt be fer no good. Come on. Lets kill the fiend! cried Joe, white to the lips. I calkilate theyre about a mile down stream, makin camp fer the night. I know the place. Theres a fine spring, an, look! Dye see them crows flyin round thet big oak with the bleached top? Hear them caw-in? You might think they was chasin a hawk, or king-birds were arter em, but thet fuss theyre makin

convert the whole tribe. Well, as it is we must be thankful for Wingenunds friendship. We have two powerful allies now. Tarhe, the Wyandot chieftain, remains neutral, to be sure, but thats almost as helpful as his friendship. I, too, take a hopeful view of the situation, replied Edwards. Well trust canada goose jacket store in Providence, and do our best, said Heckewelder, as he turned his horse. Good-by. Godspeed! called Edwards, as his chief rode away. The missionary resumed his work of getting breakfast. He remained in doors all that day, except for the few moments when he ran over to Mr. Wells cabin to inquire regarding Nells condition. He was relieved to learn she was so much better that she had declared her intention canada goose jacket store of moving about the house. Dave kept a close watch on Young. He, himself, was suffering from

hide Benny. Let me think; where would be a good place? Well try a dark corner of the loft. No, no, cried Nell. Put Benny in Youngs bed, suggested Jim. No, no, cried Nell. Put him in a bucket and let him down in the well, whispered Edwards, who had listened intently to the conversation. Thats a capital place, said Heckewelder. But might he not fall out and drown? Tie him in the canada goose jacket store bucket, said Jim. No, no, no, cried Nell. But Nellie, we must decide upon a hiding place, and in a hurry. Ill save Benny. You? Will you stay here to face those men? Jim Girty and Deering are searching the cabins. Could you bear it to see them? You couldnt. canada goose jacket store Oh! No, I believe it would kill me! That man! that beast! will he come here? Nell grew ghastly pale, and looked as if about to faint. She shrunk in horror at the

DArtagnan was not of a character to allow a man to escapehim thus who had the insolence to ridicule him. He drew hissword entirely from the scabbard, and followed him, crying,Turn, turn, Master Joker, lest I strike you behind!Strike me! said the other, turning on his heels, and surveyingthe young man with as much astonishment as contempt. Why, mygood fellow, you must be mad! Then, in a suppressed tone, as ifspeaking to himself, This is annoying, continued he. What agodsend this would be for his Majesty, who is seeking everywherefor brave fellows to recruit for his Musketeers!He had scarcely finished, when DArtagnan made such a furiouslunge at him that if he had not sprung nimbly backward, it isprobable he woul canada goose jacket store d have jested for the last time. The stranger,then perceivin canada goose jacket store g that the matter

useeither hand easily. And it will be even a disadvantage to you; aleft-handed man is very troublesome to people who are notprepared for it. I regret I did not inform you sooner of thiscircumstance.You have truly, monsieur, said DArtagnan, bowing again, acourtesy, for which, I assure you, I am very grateful.You confuse me, replied Athos, with his gentlemanly air; letus talk of something else, if you please. Ah, sblood, how youhave hurt me! My shoulder quite burns.If you would permit me-- said DArtagnan, with timidity.What, monsieur?I have a miraculous balsam for wounds--a b canada goose jacket store alsam given to me bymy mother and of which I have made a trial upon myself.Well?Well, I am sure that in less than three days this balsam wouldcure you; and at the canada goose jacket store end of three days, when you would be cured--well, sir, it

vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?From Monsieur Laporte.Did he give you any details?He knew none himself.And you h canada goose jacket store ave learned nothing from any other quarter?Yes, I have received--What?I fear I am committing a great imprudence.You always come back to that; but I must canada goose jacket store make you see this timethat it is too late to retreat.I do not retreat, MORDIEU! cried the citizen, swearing in orderto rouse his courage. Besides, by the faith of Bonacieux--You call yourself Bonacieux? interrupted DArtagnan.Yes, that is my name.You said, then, by the word of Bonacieux. Pardon me forinterrupting you, but it appears to me that that name is familiarto me.Possibly, monsieur. I am your landlord.Ah, ah! said DArtagnan, half rising and bowing; you are mylandlord?Yes, monsieur, yes.