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journey. Whispered farewells of new but sincere friends lingered in their ears. Now the great looming bulk of the fort above them faded into the obscure darkness, leaving a feeling as if a protector had goneperhaps forever. Admonished to absolute silence by the stern guides, who seemed indeed to have embarked upon a dark and deadly mission, the voyagers lay back in the canoes and t canada goose jacket hought and liste canada goose jacket ned. The water eddied with soft gurgles in the wake of the racing canoes; but that musical sound was all they heard. The paddles might have been shadows, for all the splash they made; they cut the water swiftly and noiselessly. Onward the frail barks glided into black space, side by side, close under the overhanging willows. Long moments passed into long hours, as the guides paddled tirelessly as

in learning, and with all his interest cente canada goose jacket red upon forest lore, it was no wonder he assimilated much of Wetzels knowledge. He was ever willing to undertake anything whereby he might learn. Often when they were miles away in the dense forest, far from their cave, he asked Wetzel to let him try to lead the way back to camp. And he never failed once, though many times he got off a straight course, thereby missing the easy travelling. Joe did wonderfully well, but he lacked, as nearly all white men do, the subtler, intuitive forest-instinct, which makes the Indian as much at home in the woods as in his teepee. Wetzel had this developed to a high degree. It was born in him. Years of training, years of passionate, unrelenting search for Indians, had giv canada goose jacket en him a knowledge of the wilds that was

killing of Silvertip. Here his fury had made him fight as Wetzel fought with only his every day incentive. He realized that the border was no place for any save the boldest and most experienced huntersmen who had become inured to hardship, callou canada goose jacket s as to death, keen as Indians. Fear was not in Joe nor lack of confidence; but he had good sense, and realized he would have done a wiser thing had he stayed at Fort Henry. Colonel Zane was right. The Indians were tigers, the renegades vultures, the vast untrammeled forests and plains their covert. Ten years of war had rendered this wilderness a place where those few white men who had survived were hardened to the spilling of blood, stern even in those few quiet hours which canada goose jacket peril allowed them, strong in their sacrifice of all for future

good an old man as ever wore moccasins. Wal, after Miller ran off from the fort, we trailed him down to the river, and I points across and says, You or me? and you says, Me. You was Bettys friend, and I kn canada goose jacket ew shed be avenged. Miller is lyin quiet in the woods, and violets have blossomed twice over his grave, though you never said a word; but I know its true because I know you. Zane looked eagerly into the dark face of his friend, hoping perhaps to get some verbal assurance there that his belief was true. But Wetzel did not speak, and he continued: Another day not so long ago we both looked down canada goose jacket at an old friend, and saw his white hair matted with blood. Hed been murdered for nothin. Again you and me trailed a coward and found him to be Jim Girty. I knew youd been huntin him for years, and

deliberately showing Deathwind that t canada goose jacket here was one Indian who could laugh at and loose him in the forests. To Wetzel this was bitter as gall. To be led a wild goose chase! His fierce heart boiled with fury. His dark, keen eyes so canada goose jacket ught the grass and moss with terrible earnestness. Yet in spite of the anger that increased to the white heat of passion, he became aware of some strange sensation creeping upon him. He remembered that the Delawares had offered his life. Slowly, like a shadow, Wetzel passed up and down the ridges, through the brown and yellow aisles of the forest, over the babbling brooks, out upon the golden-flecked fieldsalways close on the trail. At last in an open part of the forest, where a fire had once swept away the brush and smaller timber, Wetzel came upon the spot where

solicit it without being able to obtain it. You willl canada goose jacket earn horsemanship, swordsmanship in all its branches, anddancing. You will make some desirable acquaintances; and fromtime to time you can call upon me canada goose jacket to tell you how you are gettingon and to say whether I can be of further service to you.DArtagnan, stranger as he was to all the manners of a court,could not but perceive a little coldness in this reception.Alas, sir, said he, I cannot but perceive how sadly I miss theletter of introduction which my father gave me to present toyou.I certainly am surprised, replied M. de Treville, that youshould undertake so long a journey without that necessarypassport, the sole resource of us poor Bearnese.I had one, sir, and, thank God, such as I could wish, criedDArtagnan; but it was perfidiously

pistoles,Athos advised him to order a good repast at the Pomme-de-Pin,Port canada goose jacket hos canada goose jacket to engage a lackey, and Aramis to provide himself with asuitable mistress.The repast was carried into effect that very day, and the lackeywaited at table. The repast had been ordered by Athos, and thelackey furnished by Porthos. He was a Picard, whom the gloriousMusketeer had picked up on the Bridge Tournelle, making rings andplashing in the water.Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflectiveand contemplative organization, and he had brought him thisgentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had wonPlanchet--that was the name of the Picard. He felt a slightdisappointment, however, when he saw that this place was alreadytaken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos

destroy me?You see ver canada goose jacket y plainly that there is sti canada goose jacket ll danger for you, since asingle word makes you tremble; and you confess that if that wordwere heard you would be ruined. Come, come, madame! criedDArtagnan, seizing her hands, and surveying her with an ardentglance, come, be more generous. Confide in me. Have you notread in my eyes that there is nothing but devotion and sympathyin my heart?Yes, replied Mme. Bonacieux; therefore, ask my own secrets,and I will reveal them to you; but those of others--that is quiteanother thing.Very well, said DArtagnan, I shall discover them; as thesesecrets may have an influence over your life, these secrets mustbecome mine.Beware of what you do! cried the young woman, in a manner soserious as to make DArtagnan start in spite of himself. Oh,meddle in nothing