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searched, and found to be empty. Then the excitement died away, and the braves settled themselves down for the night. The injured ones bore their hurts with characteristic stoicism; if they did not sleep, both remained canada goose jackets sale quiet and not a sigh escaped them. The wind changed during the night, the storm abated, and when daylight came the sky was cloudless. The first rays of the sun shone in the open door, lighting up the interior of the cabin. A sleepy Indian who had acted as guard stretch canada goose jackets sale ed his limbs and yawned. He looked for the prisoner, and saw him sitting up in the corner. One arm was free, and the other nearly so. He had almost untied the thongs which bound him; a few moments more and he would have been free. Ugh! exclaimed the young brave, awakening his chief and pointing to the hunter.

to the Village of Peace. They were asked to come, partake of th canada goose jackets sale e feasts, and listen to the white mans teaching. Chapter 12 Chapter 12 The Groves Were Gods First Temples. From dawn until noon on Sunday bands of Indians arrived at the Village of Peace. Hundreds of canoes glided down the swift stream and bumped their prows into the pebbly beach. Groups of mounted warriors rode out of the forests into the clearing; squaws with papooses, maidens carrying wicker baskets, and children playing with rude toys, came trooping along the bridle-paths. Gifts were presented during canada goose jackets sale the morning, after which the visitors were feasted. In the afternoon all assembled in the grove to hear the preaching. The maple grove wherein the service was to be conducted might have been intended by Nature for just such a

Fiend! To think of a white woman, maybe a girl like Nell Wells, at the mercy of those red devils! Young fellar canada goose jackets sale , dont go wrong. Ill allow Injuns is bad enough; but I never hearn tell of one abusin a white woman, as mayhap you mean. Injuns marry white women sometimes; kill an scalp em often, but thats all. Its men of our own color, renegades like this Girty, as do worsen murder. Here was the amazing circumstance of Lewis Wetzel, the acknowledged unsatiable foe of all redmen, speaking a good wo canada goose jackets sale rd for his enemies. Joe was so astonished he did not attempt to answer. Heres where they got in the canoe. One more look, an then were off, said Wetzel. He strode up and down the sandy beach; examined the willows, and scrutinized the sand. Suddenly he bent over and picked up an object from the water.

intend to be absent? A few days; possibly a week. In case of any unusual disturbance among the Indians, the appearance of Pipe and his tribe, or any of the opposing factions, send a fleet runner at once to warn me. Most of my fears have been allayed by Wingenunds attitude toward us. His freeing Jim in face of the opposition of his chiefs is a sure sign of friendliness. More than once I have suspected that h canada goose jackets sale e was interested in Christianity. His daughter, Whispering Winds, exhibited the same intense fervor in religion as has been manifested by all our converts. It may be that we have not appealed in vain to Wingenund and his daughter; but their high position in the Delaware tribe makes it impolitic for them to reveal canada goose jackets sale a change of heart. If we could win over those two wed have every chance to

thus able to get him here. We must save him. Save him? asked Nell, looking from Heckewelder to the trembling Indian boy. Nellie, the savages have driven all our Christians into the church, and shut them up there, until Girty and his men shall give the word to complete their fiendish design. The converts asked but one favoran hour in which to pray. It was granted. The savages canada goose jackets sale intend to murder them all. Oh! Horrible! Monstrous! cried Nell. How can they be so inhuman? She lifted Benny up in her arms. Theyll never get you, my boy. Well save youIll save you! The child moaned and clung to her neck. They are scouring the clearing now for Christians, and will search all the cabins. Im positi canada goose jackets sale ve. Will they come here? asked Nell, turning her blazing eyes on Heckewelder. Undoubtedly. We must try to

least attention to the exasperation ofDArtagnan, who, however placed himself between him and them.It is a color very well known in botany, but till the presenttime very rare among horses.There are people who laugh at the horse that would not dare tolaugh at the master, cried th canada goose jackets sale e young emulator of the furiousTreville.I do not often laugh, sir, replied the stranger, as you mayperceive by the expression of my countenance; but nevertheless Iretain the privilege of laughing when I please.And I, cried DArtagnan, will allow no man to laugh when itdispleases me!Indeed, sir, continued the stranger, more calm than ever;well, that is perfe canada goose jackets sale ctly right! and turning on his heel, wasabout to re-enter the hostelry by the front gate, beneath whichDArtagnan on arriving had observed a saddled horse.But,

said DArtagnan; forhaving only arrived yesterday in Paris, I as yet know no one butMonsieur de Treville, to whom I was recommended by my father, whohas the honor to be, in some degree, one of his friends.Athos reflected for an instant. You know no one but Monsieur deTreville? he asked.Yes, monsieur, I know only him.Well, but then, continued Athos, speaking half to himself, ifI kill you, I shall have the air of a boy-slayer.Not too much so, replied DArtagnan, with a bow that was notdeficient in dignity, since you do me the honor to draw a swordwith me while suffering from a wound which is ve canada goose jackets sale ry inconvenient.Very inconven canada goose jackets sale ient, upon my word; and you hurt me devilishly, Ican tell you. But I will take the left hand--it is my custom insuch circumstances. Do not fancy that I do you a favor; I

recognizehim?Oh, certainly; he is a noble of very lofty carriage, black hair,swarthy complexion, piercing eye, white teeth, and has a scar onhis temple.A scar on his temple! cried DArtagnan; and with that, whiteteeth, a piercing eye, dark complexion, black hair, and haughtycarriage--why, thats my man of Meung.He is your man, do you say?Yes, yes; but that has nothing to do canada goose jackets sale with it. No, I am wrong.On the contrary, that simplifies the matter greatly. If your manis mine, with one blow I shall obtain two revenges, thats all;but where to find this man?I know not.Have you no information as to his abiding place?None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.The devil! The devil! canada goose jackets sale murmured DArtagnan; all this is