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while yet some paces distant, saw the lofty figure of the chieftain standing in front of his principal men. Well he knew them all. There were the crafty Pipe, and his savage comrade, the Half King; there was Shingiss, who wore o canada goose jackets uk stockists n his forehead a scarthe mark of the hunters bullet; there were Kotoxen, the Lynx, and Misseppa, the Source, and Winstonah, the War-cloud, chiefs of sagacity and renown. Three renegades completed the circle; and these three traitors represented a power which had for ten years left an awful, bloody trail over the country. Simon Girty, the so-called White Indian, with his keen, authoritative face turned expectantly; Elliott, the Tory deserte canada goose jackets uk stockists r, from Fort Pitt, a wiry, spider-like little man; and last, the gaunt and gaudily arrayed form of the demon of the frontierJim

raised her soft, black eyes, shining with a wondrous light of surprise and expectation, to the young missionarys face. Beyond the circle the Indians were massed together, even beyond the limits of the glade. Under the trees on every side sat warriors astride their steeds; some lounged on the green turf; many reclined in the branches of low-spreading maples. As Jim looked out over the sea of faces he started in surprise. The sudden glance of fiery eyes had impelled his gaze. He recognized Silvertip, the Shawnee chief. The Indian sat motionl canada goose jackets uk stockists ess on a powerful black horse. Jim started again, canada goose jackets uk stockists for the horse was Joes thoroughbred, Lance. But Jim had no further time to think of Joes enemy, for Heckewelder stepped back. Jim took the vacated seat, and, with a far-reaching, resonant voice began his

moon rose high enough to shed a pale light over forest and field, two dark figures, moving silently from the shade of the trees, crossed the moonlit patches of ground, out to the open plain where low on the grass hung silver mists. A timber wolf, gray and gaunt, came loping along with lowered nose. A new scent brought the animal to a standstill. His canada goose jackets uk stockists nose went up, his fiery eyes scanned the plain. Two men had invaded his domain, and, with a short, dismal bark, he dashed away. Like spectres, gliding swiftly with noiseless tread, the two vanished. The long grass had sw canada goose jackets uk stockists allowed them. Deserted once again seemed the plain. It became unutterably lonely. No stir, no sound, no life; nothing but a wide expanse bathed in sad, gray light. The moon shone steadily; the silver radiance mellowed; the stars

betrayed a great deal when she had turned so tenderly to him in the first moments after her r canada goose jackets uk stockists ecognition, and he remembered it. He did not speak of love to her; he let a thousand little acts of kindness, a constant thoughtfulness of her plead his cause. The days succeeding Heckewelders departure were remarkable for several reasons. Although the weather was enticing, the number of visiting Indians gradually decreased. Not a runner from any tri canada goose jackets uk stockists be came into the village, and finally the day dawned when not a single Indian from the outlying towns was present to hear the preaching. Jim spoke, as usual. After several days had passed and none but converted Indians made up the congregation, the young man began to be uneasy in mind. Young and Edwards were unable to account for the unusual absence

on Nell while Girty searched t canada goose jackets uk stockists he loft, and as they passed the girl on their way to the open air, t canada goose jackets uk stockists he renegade looked at Girty as he motioned with his head toward her. His besotted face expressed some terrible meaning. Girty had looked at Nell when he first entered, but had not glanced twice at her. As he turned now, before going out of the door, he fixed on her his baleful glance. His aspect was more full of meaning than could have been any words. A horrible power, of which he was boastfully conscious, shone from his little, pointed eyes. His mere presence was deadly. Plainly as if he had spoken was the significance of his long gaze. Any one could have translated that look. Once before Nell had faced it, and fainted when its dread meaning grew clear to her. But now she returned his gaze

thestranger.Oh, no, your Excellency, he is not the devil, r canada goose jackets uk stockists eplied the host,with a grin of contempt; for during his fainting we rummaged hisvalise and found nothing but a clean shirt and eleven crowns--which however, did not prevent his saying, as he was fainting,that if such a thing had happened in Paris, you should have causeto repent of it at a later period.Then, said the stranger coolly, he must be some prince indisguise.I have told you this, good sir, resumed the host, in orderthat you may be on your guard.Did he name no one in his passio canada goose jackets uk stockists n?Yes; he struck his pocket and said, We shall see what Monsieurde Treville will think of this insult offered to his protege.Monsieur de Treville? said the stranger, becoming attentive,he put his hand upon his pocket while pronouncing the name

that he had changed his baldric andrelinquished his cloak.Ah, ah! said he, what does this mean?This is the gentleman I am going to fight with, said A canada goose jackets uk stockists thos,pointing to DArtagnan with his hand and saluting him with thesame gesture.Why, it is with him I am also going to fight, said Porthos.But not canada goose jackets uk stockists before one oclock, replied DArtagnan.And I also am to fight with this gentleman, said Aramis, comingin his turn onto the place.But not until two oclock, said DArtagnan, with the samecalmness.But what are you going to fight about, Athos? asked Aramis.Faith! I dont very well know. He hurt my shoulder. And you,Porthos?Faith! I am going to fight--because I am going to fight,answered Porthos, reddening.Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smilepass over the lips of the young Gascon

the last voyage of the celebratednavigator Jean Moquet; so that you understand, monsieur--Butcried the citizen.What! demanded DArtagnan.Whom do I see yonder?Where?In the street, facing your window, in the embrasure of thatdoor--a man wrapped in a cloak.It is he! cried DArtagnan and the citizen at the same time,each having recognized his man.Ah, this time, cried DArtagnan, sp canada goose jackets uk stockists ringing to his sword, thistime he will not escape me!Drawing his sword from its scabbard canada goose jackets uk stockists , he rushed out of theapartment. On the staircase he met Athos and Porthos, who werecoming to see him. They separated, and DArtagnan rushed betweenthem like a dart.Pah! Where are you going? cried the two Musketeers in a breath.The man of Meung! replied DArtagnan, and disappeared.DArtagnan had more than once related to his friends