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Girty. The procession halted before this group, and two brawny braves pushed the hunter forward. Simon Girtys face betrayed satisfaction; Elliotts shifty eyes snapped, and the dark, canada goose kensington parka canada repulsive face of the other Girty exhibited an exultant joy. These desperadoes had feared this hunter. Wingenund, with a majestic wave of his arm, silenced the yelling horde of frenzied savage and stepped before the captive. The deadly foes were once, again face to face. The chieftains lofty figure and dark, s canada goose kensington parka canada leek head, now bare of plumes, towered over the other Indians, but he was not obliged to lower his gaze in order to look straight into the hunters eyes. Verily this hunter merited the respect which shone in the great chieftains glance. Like a mountain-ash he stood, straight and strong, his magnificent

discourse to the Indians. Chieftains, warriors, maidens, children of the forest, listen, and your ears shall hear no lie. I am come from where the sun rises to tell you canada goose kensington parka canada of the Great Spirit of the white man. Many, many moons ago, as many as blades of grass grow on yonder plain, the Great Spirit of whom I shall speak created the world. He made the sparkling lakes and swift rivers, the boundless plains and tangled forests, over which He caused the sun to shine and the rain to fall. He gave life to the kingly elk, the graceful deer, the rolling bison, the bear, the foxall the beasts and birds and fishes. But He was not content for nothing He made was perfect in His sight. He cre canada goose kensington parka canada ated the white man in His own image, and from this first mans rib He created his matea woman. He turned them free in

paled before this brighter glory. Slowly the night hours wore away. On the other side of the plain, near where the adjoining forest loomed darkling, the tall grass parted to di canada goose kensington parka canada sclose a black form. Was it only a deceiving shade cast by a leafy branchonly a shadow? Slowly it sank, and was lost. Once more the gray, unwavering line of silver-crested grass tufts was unbroken. Only the night breeze, wandering caressingly over the grass, might have told of two dark forms gliding, gl canada goose kensington parka canada iding, gliding so softly, so surely, so surely toward the forest. Only the moon and the pale stars had eyes to see these creeping figures. Like avengers they moved, on a mission to slay and to save! On over the dark line where plain merged into forest they crawled. No whispering, no hesitating; but a silent, slow,

from worship, yet they did not see in it anything to cause especial concern. Often there had been days without visitation to the Village of Peace. Finally Jim went to consult Glickhican. He found the Delaware at work in the potato pa canada goose kensington parka canada tch. The old Indian dropped his hoe and bowed to the missionary. A reverential and stately courtesy always characterized the attitude of the Indians toward the young white father. Glickhican, can you tell me why no Indians have come here lately? The old chief shook his head. Does their absence signify ill to the Village of Peace? Glickhican saw a blackbird flitting in the shadow of the moon. The bird hovered above the Village of Peace, but sang no song. The old Delaware vouchsafed no other than this strange reply. Jim returned to his cabin decidedly worried canada goose kensington parka canada . He

with one in which flashed lightning scorn, and repulsion, in which glowed a wonderful defiance. The cruel face canada goose kensington parka canada of this man, the boastful barbarity of his manner, the long, dark, bloody history which his presence recalled, was, indeed, terrifying without the added horror of his intent toward her, but not the self-forgetfulness of a true woman sustained her. Girty and Deering backed out of the door. Heckewelder closed it, and dropped the bar in place. Nell fell over the table with a long, low gasp. Then with one hand she lifted her skirt. Benny walked from under it. His big eyes were bright. The young woman clasped him again in her arms. Then she released him, and, laboring under intense excitement, ran to the w canada goose kensington parka canada indow. There he goes! Oh, the horrible beast! If I only had a gun and could shoot

ofMonsieur de Treville? Now, my dear host, while your young manwas insensible, you did not fail, I am quite sure, to ascertainwhat that pocket contained. What was there in it?A letter addressed to Monsieur de Treville, captain of theMusketeers.Indeed!Exactly as I have the honor to tell your Excellency.The host, who was not endowed with great perspicacity, did notobserve the expression which his words had given to thephysiognomy of the stranger. The latter rose from the front ofthe window, upon canada goose kensington parka canada the sill of which he had leaned with his elbow,and knitted his brow like a man disquieted.The devil! murmured he, between his teeth. Can Treville haveset this Gascon upon me? He is very young; but a sword th canada goose kensington parka canada rust isa sword thrust, whatever be the age of him who gives it, and ayouth is less to be

as he replied, We had ashort discussion upon dress.And you, Aramis? asked Athos.Oh, ours is a theological quarrel, replied Aramis, making asign to DArtagnan to keep secret the cause of their duel.Athos indeed saw a second smile on the lips of DArtagnan.Indeed? said Athos.Yes; a passage of St. Augustine, upon which we could not agree,said the Gascon.Decidedly, this is a clever fellow, murmured Athos.And now you are assembled, gentlemen, said DArtagnan, permitme to offer you my ap canada goose kensington parka canada ologies.At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, ahaughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign wasth canada goose kensington parka canada e reply of Aramis.You do not understand me, gentlemen, said DArtagnan, throwingup his head, the sharp and bold lines of which were at the momentgilded by a bright ray of the sun.

hisadventure with the stranger, as canada goose kensington parka canada well as the apparition of thebeautiful foreigner, to whom this man had confided some importantmissive.The opinion of Athos was that DArtagnan had lost his letter inthe skirmish. A gentle canada goose kensington parka canada man, in his opinion--and according toDArtagnans portrait of him, the stranger must be a gentleman--would be incapable of the baseness of stealing a letter.Porthos saw nothing in all this but a love meeting, given by alady to a cavalier, or by a cavalier to a lady, which had beendisturbed by the presence of DArtagnan and his yellow horse.Aramis said that as these sorts of affairs were mysterious, itwas better not to fathom them.They understood, then, from the few words which escaped fromDArtagnan, what affair was in hand, and as they thought thatovertaking his man, or