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dim grayness pervaded the lodge. Dawn was close at handhis hou canada goose ladies mystique parka r was nearly come. Suddenly his hearing, trained to a most acute sensibility, caught a faint sound, almost inaudible. It came from without on the other side of the lodge. There it was again, a slight tearing sound, such as is caused by a knife when it cuts through soft material. Some one was slitting the wall of the lodge. The hunter rolled noiselessly over and over until he lay against the skins. In the dim grayness he saw a bright blade moving carefully upward through the deer-hide. Then a long knife was pushed into the opening; a small, brown hand grasped the hilt. Another little hand followed a canada goose ladies mystique parka nd felt of the wall and floor, reaching out with groping fingers. The, hunter rolled again so that his back was against the wall and

ones in the beautiful forest. There, where the flowers bloom, the fruits ripen always, where the pleasant water glides and the summer winds whisper sweetly, there peace will dwell forever. Comrades, be wise, think earnestly. Forget the wicked paleface; for there are many wicked palefaces. They sell the serpent firewater; they lie and steal and kill. These palefaces eyes are still clouded. If they do not open they will never see th canada goose ladies mystique parka e beautifu canada goose ladies mystique parka l forest. You have much to forgive, but those who forgive please the Great Spirit; you must give yourselves to love, but those who love are loved; you must work, but those who work are happy. Behold the Village of Peace! Once it contained few; now there are many. Where once the dark forest shaded the land, see the cabins, the farms, the horses, the

posture when an object, bounding like a dark ball, shot out of the thicket and hurled both warriors canada goose ladies mystique parka to the earth. A moonbeam glinted upon something bright. It flashed again on a swift, sweeping circle. A short, choking yell aroused the other savages. Up they sprang, alarmed, confused. The shadow-form darted among them. It moved with inconceivable rapidity; it became a monster. Terrible was the convulsive conflict. Dull blo canada goose ladies mystique parka ws, the click of steel, angry shouts, agonized yells, and thrashing, wrestling sounds mingled together and half drowned by an awful roar like that of a mad bull. The strife ceased as suddenly as it had begun. Warriors lay still on the grass; others writhed in agony. For an instant a fleeting shadow crossed the open lane leading out of the glade; then it vanished. Three

time Nell and her uncle knew of the presence of the hostile savages. They were frightened, and barely regained their composure when the young man assured them he was certain they had no real cause for fear. Jim was sitting at the doorstep with Mr. Wells and Edwards when Girty, with his comrades, came toward them. The renegade leader was a tall, athletic man, with a dark, strong face. There was in it none of the brutality and ferocity which mark canada goose ladies mystique parka ed his brothers visage. Simon Girty appeared keen, forceful, authoritative, as, indeed, he must have been to have attained the power he held in the confederated tribes. His companions presented wide contrasts. Elliott was a small, spa canada goose ladies mystique parka re man of cunning, vindictive aspect; McKee looked, as might have been supposed from his reputation, and Deering was a

careful, no white blood would hev been spilled. I advise canada goose ladies mystique parka you all to lay low till its over. Will you let me speak to your men, to try and get them to follow me? Heckewelder asked that same thing. He was persistent, and I took a vote fer him just to show how my men stood. Eighteen of them said theyd follow him; the rest wouldnt interfere. Eighteen! My God! cried Jim, voicing the passion which consumed him. You are white men, yet you will stand by and see these innocent people murdered! Man, wheres your humanity? Your manhood? These converted Indians are savages no longer, they are Christians. Their ch canada goose ladies mystique parka ildren are as good, pure, innocent as your own. Can you remain idle and see these little ones murdered? Williamson made no answer, the men who had crowded round were equally silent. Not one

coachman applied his whipvigorously to his horses. The two interlocutors thus separated,taking opposite directions, at full gallop.Pay him, booby! cried the stranger to his servant, withoutchecking the speed of his horse; and the man, after throwing twoor three silver pieces at the foot of mine host, galloped afterhis master.Base coward! false gentleman! cried DArtagnan, springing canada goose ladies mystique parka forward, in his turn, after the servant. But his wound hadrendered him too weak to support such an exertion. Scarcely hadhe gone ten steps when his ears began to tingle, a faintnes canada goose ladies mystique parka sseized him, a cloud of blood passed over his eyes, and he fell inthe middle of the street, crying still, Coward! coward! coward!He is a coward, indeed, grumbled the host, drawing near toDArtagnan, and endeavoring by this little flattery

Saveyour skin; begone quickly.DArtagnan did not budge.Decidedly, you are a brave fellow, said Athos, pressing theyoung mans hand.Come, come, choose your part, replied Jussac.Well, said Po canada goose ladies mystique parka rthos to Aramis, we must do something.Monsieur is full of generos canada goose ladies mystique parka ity, said Athos.But all three reflected upon the youth of DArtagnan, and dreadedhis inexperience.We should only be three, one of whom is wounded, with theaddition of a boy, resumed Athos; and yet it will not be theless said we were four men.Yes, but to yield! said Porthos.That IS difficult, replied Athos.DArtagnan comprehended their irresolution.Try me, gentlemen, said he, and I swear to you by my honorthat I will not go hence if we are conquered.What is your name, my brave fellow? said Athos.DArtagnan, monsieur.Well, then, Athos, Porthos,

speech of Aramis, the brow of Athos became clouded and hebit his lips.It is not Madame Bonacieux about whom I am anxious, criedDArtagnan, but the queen, whom the king abandons, whom thecardinal persecutes, and who sees the heads of all her friendsfall, one canada goose ladies mystique parka after the other.Why does she love what we hate most in the world, the Spaniardsand the English?Spain is her country, replied DArtagnan; and it is verynatural that she should love the Spanish, who are the children ofthe same soil as herself canada goose ladies mystique parka . As to the second reproach, I haveheard it said that she does not love the English, but anEnglishman.Well, and by my faith, said Athos, it must be acknowledgedthat this Englishman is worthy of being loved. I never saw a manwith a nobler air than his.Without reckoning that he dresses as nobody else can,