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rest in the shade. French fur canada goose mystique parka jacket traders came curiously from their lodges, and renegades hurriedly left their blankets, roused to instant action by the well-known summons. The hunter, led down the lane toward the appro canada goose mystique parka jacket aching crowd, presented a calm and fearless demeanor. When the Indians surrounded him one prolonged, furious yell rent the air, and then followed an extraordinary demonstration of fierce delight. The young braves staccato yell, the maidens scream, the old squaws screech, and the deep war-cry of the warriors intermingled in a fearful discordance. Often had this hunter heard the name which the Indian called him; he had been there before, a prisoner; he had run the gauntlet down the lane; he had been bound to a stake in front of the lodge where his captors were now leading him. He

tenfold importance. Could these chiefs be interested, moved, the whole western world of Indians might be civilized. Hepote, a Maumee chief, of whom it was said he had never listened to words of t canada goose mystique parka jacket he paleface, had the central position in this circle. On his right and left, respectively, sat Shaushoto and Pipe, implacable foes of all white men. The latters aspect did not belie his reputation. His copper-colored, repulsive visage compelled fear; it breathed vindictiveness and malignity. A si canada goose mystique parka jacket ngular action of his was that he always, in what must have been his arrogant vanity, turned his profile to those who watched him, and it was a remarkable one; it sloped in an oblique line from the top of his forehead to his protruding chin, resembling somewhat the carved bowl of his pipe, which was of flint

darkne canada goose mystique parka jacket ss, Wetzel was asleep. The lad said then to himself that he would never again be surprised at the hunter. He assumed once and for all that Wetzel was capable of anything. Yet how could he lose himself in slumber? Feeling, as he must, over the capture of the girls; eager to draw a bead on the black-hearted renegade; hating Indians with all his soul and strength, and lying there but a few hours before what he knew would be a bloody battle, Wetzel calmly went to sleep. Knowing the hunter to be as bloodthirsty as a tiger, Joe had expected he would rush to a combat with his foes; but, no, this man, with his keen s canada goose mystique parka jacket agacity, knew when to creep upon his enemy; he bided that time, and, while he waited, slept. Joe could not close his eyes in slumber. Through the interstices in the branches he

he went to God. For all worry there is a sovereign cure, for all suffering there is a healing balm; it is religious faith. Happiness had suddenly flashed with a meteor-like radiance into Youngs life only to be snuffed out like a candle in a w canada goose mystique parka jacket indy gloom, but his work, his duty remained. So in his trial he learned the necessity of resignation. He chaffed no more at the mysterious, seemingly brutal methods of nature; he questioned no more. He wondered no more at the apparent indifference of Providence. He had one hope, which was to be true to his faith, and teach it to the end. Nell mastered her grief by an astonishing reserve of strength. Undoubtedly it was that marvelously merciful power which enables a per canada goose mystique parka jacket son, for the love of others, to bear up under a cross, or even to fight death himself.

calmly whittled a stick, and Jim stood bolt upright, with a hard light in his eyes. Nell leaned against the side of a heavy table. Wonderful was the change that had transformed her from a timid, appealing, fear-agonized girl to a woman whose only evidence of unusual excitement were the flame in her eyes and the peculiar whiteness of her face. Benny was gone! Heckewelders glance returned to canada goose mystique parka jacket the visitors. He thought he had never seen such brutal, hideous men. Wal, I reckon a preacher aint agoin to lie. Hev you seen any Injun Christians round here? asked Girty, waving a heavy sledge-hammer. Girty, we have hidden no Indians here, answered Heckewelder, calmly. Wal, well hev a look, a canada goose mystique parka jacket nyway, answered the renegade. Girty surveyed the room with wolfish eyes. Deering was so drunk that he staggered.

assailants, who continued to shower blows uponhim.Another gas canada goose mystique parka jacket conade! murmured the gentleman. By my honor, theseGascons are incorrigible! Keep up the dance, then, since he willhave it so. When he is tired, he will perhaps tell us that hehas had enough of it.But the stranger knew not the headstrong personage he had to dowith; DArtagnan was not the man ever to cry for quarter. Thefight was therefore prolonged for some seconds; but at lengthDArtagnan dropped his sword, which was broken in two pieces bythe blow of a canada goose mystique parka jacket stick. Another blow full upon his forehead at thesame moment brought him to the ground, covered with blood andalmost fainting.It was at this moment that people came flocking to the scene ofaction from all sides. The host, fearful of consequences, withthe help of his servants carried

moment before he had proposed to him toput off the duel for three days, and if it be your will todispa canada goose mystique parka jacket tch me at once, do not inconvenience yourself, I pray you.There is another word which pleases me, cried Athos, with agracious nod to DAr canada goose mystique parka jacket tagnan. That did not come from a manwithout a heart. Monsieur, I love men of your kidney; and Iforesee plainly that if we dont kill each other, I shallhereafter have much pleasure in your conversation. We will waitfor these gentlemen, so please you; I have plenty of time, and itwill be more correct. Ah, here is one of them, I believe.In fact, at the end of the Rue Vaugirard the gigantic Porthosappeared.What! cried DArtagnan, is your first witness MonsieurPorthos?Yes, that disturbs you?By no means.And here is the second.DArtagnan turned in the direction

window to read it. The citizen followed him.Do not seek your wife, read DArtagnan; she will berestored to you when there is no longer occasion for her. If youmake a single step to find her you are lost.Thats pretty positive, continued DArtagnan; but after all,it is but a menace.Yes; but that mena canada goose mystique parka jacket ce terrifies me. I am not a fighting man atall, monsieur, and I am afraid of the Bastille.Hum! said DArtagnan. I have no greater regard for theBastille than you. If it were nothing but a sword thrust, whythen--I have counted upon you on this occasion, monsieur.Yes?Seeing you constantly surrounded by Musketeers of a very superbappearance, and knowing that these Musketeers belong t canada goose mystique parka jacket o Monsieurde Treville, and were consequently enemies of the cardinal, Ithought that you and your friends, while rendering