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frame tapering wedge-like from his broad shoulders. The bulging line of his thick neck, the deep chest, the knotty contour of his bared forearm, and the full curves of his legsall denoted a wonderful muscular development. The power expressed in this mans body seemed intensified in his features. His face was white and cold, his jaw square and set; his coal-black eyes glittered with almost a superhuman fire. And his hair, darker than the wing of a crow canada goose on sale montreal , fell far below his shoulders; matted and tangled as it was, still it hung to his waist, and had it been combed out, must have reached his knees. One long moment Wingenund stood facing his foe, and then over the multitude and through the valley rolled his sonorous voice: Deathwind dies at dawn! The hunter was tied to a tree and canada goose on sale montreal left in view of

a beautiful forest. Life was fair in the beautiful forest. The sun shone always, the birds sang, the waters flowed with music, the flowers cast sweet fragrance canada goose on sale montreal on the air. In this forest, where fruit bloomed always, was one tree, the Tree of Life, the apple of which they must not eat. canada goose on sale montreal In all this beautiful forest of abundance this apple alone was forbidden them. Now evil was born with woman. A serpent tempted her to eat of the apple of Life, and she tempted the man to eat. For their sin the Great Spirit commanded the serpent to crawl forever on his belly, and He drove them from the beautiful forest. The punishment for their sin was to be visited on their childrens children, always, until the end of time. The two went afar into the dark forest, to learn to live as best they might. From them

certain progress showed their purpose. In single file they slipped over the moss, the leader clearing the path. Inch by inch they advanced. Tedious was this slow movement, difficult and painful this journey which must end in lightninglike speed. They rustled no leaf, nor snapped a twig, nor shook a fern, but passed onward slowly, like the approach of Death. The seconds passed as minutes; minutes as hours; an entire hour was spent in advancing twenty feet! At last the top of the knoll was reached. The Avenger placed his hand on his followers shoulder. The strong pressure was meant canada goose on sale montreal to remind, to warn, to canada goose on sale montreal reassure. Then, like a huge snake, the first glided away. He who was left behind raised his head to look into the open place called the glade of the Beautiful Spring. An oval space lay

did not at all like Glickhicans answer. The purport of it seemed to be that a cloud was rising on the bright horizon of the Chris canada goose on sale montreal tian village. He confided his fears to Young and Edwards. After discussing the situation, the three missionaries decided to send for Heckewelder. He was the leader of the Mission; he knew more of Indian craft than any of them, and how to meet it. If this calm in the heretofore busy life of the Mission was the lull before a storm, Heckewelder should be there with his experience and influence. For nearly ten years Heckewelder has anticipated trouble from hosti canada goose on sale montreal le savages, said Edwards, but so far he has always averted it. As you know, he has confined himself mostly to propitiating the Indians, and persuading them to be friendly, and listen to us. Well send for him.

! Oh, if only I were a man! Id kill him. To think of poor Kate! Ah! he intends the same for me! Suddenly she fell upon the floor in a faint. Mr. Wells and Jim lifted her on the bed beside Edwards, where they endeavored to revive her. It was some moments before she opened her eyes. Jim sat holding Nells hand. Mr. Wells again bowed his head. Zeisberger continued to whittle a stick, and Heckewelder canada goose on sale montreal paced the floor. Christy stood by with every evidence of sympathy for this distracted group. Outside the clamor increased. Just listen! cried Heckewelder. Did you ever he canada goose on sale montreal ar the like? All drunk, crazy, fiendish! They drank every drop of liquor the French traders had. Curses on the vagabond dealers! Rum has made these renegades and savages wild. Oh! my poor, innocent Christians! Heckewelder leaned

suspected than an older man, and thestranger fell into a reverie which lasted some minutes. A weakobstacle is sometimes sufficient to overthrow a great canada goose on sale montreal design.Host, said he, could you not contrive to get rid of thisfrantic boy for me? In conscience, I cannot kill him; and yet,added he, with a coldly menacing expression, he annoys me.Where is he?In my wifes chamber, on the first flight, where they aredressing his wounds.His things and his bag are with him? Has he taken off hisdoublet?On the contrary, everything is in the kitchen. But if he annoysyou, th canada goose on sale montreal is young fool--To be sure he does. He causes a disturbance in your hostelry,which respectable people cannot put up with. Go; make out mybill and notify my servant.What, monsieur, will you leave us so soon?You know that very well, as I gave my

I asked to be excused incase I should not be able to discharge my debt to all three; forMonsieur Athos has the right to kill me first, which I must abateyour valor in your own estimation, Monsieur Porthos, and renderyours almost null, Monsieur canada goose on sale montreal Aramis. And now, gentlemen, Irepeat, excuse me, but on that account only, and--on guard!At these words, with the most gallant air possible, DArtagnandrew his sword.The blood h canada goose on sale montreal ad mounted to the head of DArtagnan, and at thatmoment he would have drawn his sword against all the Musketeersin the kingdom as willingly as he now did against Athos, Porthos,and Aramis.It was a quarter past midday. The sun was in its zenith, and thespot chosen for the scene of the duel was exposed to its fullardor.It is very hot, said Athos, drawing his sword in its turn,

losing sight of him, DArtagnan wouldreturn to his rooms, they kept on their way.When they entered DArtagans chamber, it was empty; thelandlord, dreading the consequences of the encounter which wasdoubtless about to take place between the young man and thestranger, had, consistent with the character he had givenhimself, judged it prudent to decamp.9 DARTAGNAN SHOWS HIMSELFAs Athos and Porthos had foreseen, at the expiration of a halfhour, DArtagnan returned. He had again missed his man, who ha canada goose on sale montreal ddisappeared as if by enchantment. DArtagnan had run, sword inhand, through all the neighboring streets, but had found nobodyresembling the man he sought for. Then he came back to the pointwhere, perhaps, he ought to have begun, and that was to knock atthe door against which the stranger had leaned canada goose on sale montreal ;