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indicating those he had guided. Then, without another word, never turning his dark face to the right or left, canada goose parka he hurried down the lane through the t canada goose parka hrong of Indians. Jim remembered, as he saw the guide vanish over the bank of the creek, that he had heard Colonel Zane say that Jonathan, as well as Wetzel, hated the sight of an Indian. No doubt long years of war and bloodshed had rendered these two great hunters callous. To them there could be no discriminationan Indian was an Indian. Mr. Wells, welcome to the Village of Peace! exclaimed Mr. Zeisberger, wringing the old missionarys hand. The years have not been so long but that I remember you. Happy, indeed, am I to get here, after all these dark, dangerous journeys, returned Mr. Wells. I have brought my nieces, Nell and Kate, who were

a blacksnake sneakin round, I thought mebbe he was up to somethin, so I investigated, an found a nest full of young rabbits. I killed the snake, an arter that took an interest in em. Every canada goose parka time I passed Id look in at the bunnies, an each time I seen signs that some tarnal varmint had been prowlin round. One day I missed a bunny, an next day another; so on until only one was left, a peart white and gray little scamp. Somethin was stealin of em, an it made me mad. So yistidd canada goose parka ay an to-day I watched, an finally I plugged this black thief. Yes, hes got a glossy coat; but hes a bad un fer all his fine looks. These black foxes are bigger, stronger an cunniner than red ones. In every litter youll find a dark one, the black sheep of the family. Because he grows so much faster, an steals all the food

evening a week or more after the disappearance of Jim and the girls, George Young and David Edwards, the missionaries, sat on the cabin steps, gazing disconsolately upon the forest scener canada goose parka y. Hard as had been the ten years of their labor among the Indians, nothing had shaken them as the loss of their young friends. Dave, I tell you your theory abo canada goose parka ut seeing them again is absurd, asserted George. Ill never forget that wretch, Girty, as he spoke to Nell. Why, she just wilted like a flower blasted by fire. I cant understand why he let me go, and kept Jim, unless the Shawnee had something to do with it. I never wished until now that I was a hunter. Id go after Girty. Youve heard as well as I of his many atrocities. Id rather have seen Kate and Nell dead than have them fall into his power. Id

fellar we heard was with the Chippewas. Tough lookin customer; a good mate fer Jim Girty! A fine lot of border-hawks! Somethin comin off, whispered Wetzel, as Zanes low growl grew unintelligible. Jonathan felt, rather than saw, Wetzel tremble. The missionaries are consultin. Ah! there comes one! Which? I guess its Edwards. By gum! whos that Injun stalkin over from the hostile bunch. Big chief, whoever he is. Blest if it aint Half King! The watchers saw the chief wave his arm and speak with evident arrogance of Edwards, who, however, advanced to the platform and raise canada goose parka his hand to address the Christians. Crack! A shot rang out from the thicket. Clutching wildly at his bre canada goose parka ast, the missionary reeled back, staggered, and fell. One of those skulkin redskins has killed Edwards, said Zane. But, no

returning to the Beautiful Spring. Slowly Wetzels forefinger stiffened; slowly he lowered the black rifle. Wingenund had returned to bury Whispering Winds. Wetzels teethe clenched, an awful struggle tore his heart. Slowly the rifle rose, wavered and fell. It rose canada goose parka again, wavered and fell. Something terrible was wrong with him; something awful was awakening in his soul. Wingenund had not made a fool of him. The Delaware had led him a long chase, had given him the slip in the forest, not to boast of it, but to hurry back to give his daughter Christian burial. Wingenund was a Christian! Had he not been, once having cast his daughter from him, he would never have looked upon her face again. Wingenund was true to his race, but he was a Christian. Suddenly We canada goose parka tzels terrible temptation, his heart-

whom he considered the firstthree personages in France.DArtagnan added M. de Treville to the others, as may beperceived; but he thought this addition would do no harm.I have the greatest veneration for the cardinal, continued he,and the most profound respect for his actions. So much thebetter for me, sir, if you speak to me, as you say, withfrankness--for then you will do me the honor to esteem theresemblance of our opinions; but if you have entertained anydoubt, as naturally you may, I feel that I am ruining myself byspeaking the canada goose parka truth. But I still trust you will not esteem me theless for it, and that is my object canada goose parka beyond all others.M. de Treville was surprised to the greatest degree. So muchpenetration, so much frankness, created admiration, but did notentirely remove his suspicions. The

black,as became the servant of a churchman. He was a Berrichon,thirty-five or forty years old, mild, peaceable, sleek, employingthe leisure hi canada goose parka s master left him in the perusal of pious works,providing rigorously for two a dinner of few dishes, butexcellent. For the rest, he was dumb, blind, and deaf, and ofunimpeachable fidelity.And n canada goose parka ow that we are acquainted, superficially at least, with themasters and the valets, let us pass on to the dwellings occupiedby each of them.Athos dwelt in the Rue Ferou, within two steps of the Luxembourg.His apartment consisted of two small chambers, very nicely fittedup, in a furnished house, the hostess of which, still young andstill really handsome, cast tender glances uselessly at him.Some fragments of past splendor appeared here and there upon thewalls of

from the hand he held, he sprang away, running, while Mme.Bonacieux knocked, as at the shutter, three light and regulartaps. When he had gained the angle of the street, he turned.The door had been opened, and shut again; the mercers pre canada goose parka ttywife had disappeared.DArtagnan pursued his way. He had given his word not t canada goose parka o watchMme. Bonacieux, and if his life had depended upon the spot towhich she was going or upon the person who should accompany her,DArtagnan would have returned home, since he had so promised.Five minutes later he was in the Rue des Fossoyeurs.Poor Athos! said he; he will never guess what all this means.He will have fallen asleep waiting for me, or else he will havereturned home, where he will have learned that a woman had beenthere. A woman with Athos! After all, continued