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you pull Girtys nose. Arter the Delawares went I turned loose yer dog an horse an lit out on yer trail. Where are the Delawares now? I reckon there nosin my back trail. We must be gittin. Silvertipll soon hev a lot of Injuns here. Joe intended to ask the hunter about what had frightened the Indians, but despite his eager desire for informat canada goose site ion, he refrained from doing so. Girty nigh did fer you, remarked Wetzel, examini canada goose site ng Joes wound. Hes in a bad humor. He got kicked a few days back, and then hed the skin pulled offen his nose. Somebodyll hev to suffer. Wal, you feller grab yer rifles, an well be startin fer the fort. Joe shuddered as he leaned over one of the dusky forms to detach powder and bullet horn. He had never seen a dead Indian, and the tense face, the sightless, vacant eyes made

They waged no wars. A white dove sat in every wigwam. The lands were theirs and they were rich. The paleface ca canada goose site me with his leaden death, his burning firewater, his ringing ax, and the glory of the redmen faded forever. Wingenund seeks not to inflame his braves to anger. He is sick of blood-spillingnot from fear; for Wingenund cannot feel fear. But he asks his people to wait. Remember, the gifts of the pa canada goose site leface ever contained a poisoned arrow. Wingenunds heart is sore. The day of the red-man is gone. His sun is setting. Wingenund feels already the gray shades of evening. He stopped one long moment as if to gather breath for his final charge to his listeners. Then with a magnificent gesture he thundered: Is the Delaware a fool? When Wingenund can cross unarmed to the Big Water he shall

a coward; I certainly know I was deathly frightened. No wonder I was scared! Look at these dead Indians, all killed in a m canada goose site oment. I heard the moan; I saw Silvertip disappear, and the other two savages rise. Then something huge dropped from the rock; a bright object seemed to circle round the savages; they uttered one short yell, and sank to rise no more. Somehow at once I suspected that this shadowy form, with its lightninglike movements, its glit canada goose site tering hatchet, was Wetzel. When he plunged into the midst of the other savages I distinctly recognized him, and saw that he had a bundle, possibly his coat, wrapped round his left arm, and his right hand held the glittering tomahawk. I saw him strike that big Indian there, the one lying with split skull. His wonderful daring and quickness seemed

expedition after a marauding tribe of Chippewas. This last named tribe had recently harried the remote settlers, and committed depredations on t canada goose site he outskirts of the white settlements eastward. The company was composed of men who had served in the garrison at Fort Pitt, and hunters and backwoodsmen from Yellow Creek and Fort Henry. The captain himself was a typical borderman, rough and bluff, hardened by long years of border life, and, canada goose site like most pioneers, having no more use for an Indian than for a snake. He had led his party after the marauders, and surprised and slaughtered nearly all of them. Returning eastward he had passed through Goshocking, where he learned of the muttering storm rising over the Village of Peace, and had come more out of curiosity than hope to avert misfortune. The

In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord, thy Redeemer. In a voice low and tremulous the venerable missionary began his sermon. The shadow of death hovered over these Christian martyrs; it was reflected in their somber eyes, yet not one was sullen or sad. canada goose site The children who were too young to understand, but in canada goose site stinctively feeling the tragedy soon to be enacted there, cowered close to their mothers. Zeisberger preached a touching and impressive, though short, sermon. At its conclusion the whole congregation rose and surrounded the missionary. The men shook his hands, the women kissed them, the children clung to his legs. It was a wonderful manifestation of affection. Suddenly Glickhican, the old Delaware

certain juvenile modestyrestrained him.A ray of light all at once broke upon the mind of the host as hewas giving himself to the devil upon finding nothing.That letter is not lost! cried he.What! cried DArtagnan.No, it has been stolen from you.Stolen? By whom?By the gentleman who was here yesterday. He came down into thekitchen, canada goose site where your doublet was. He remained there some timealone. I would lay a wager he has stolen it.Do you think so? answered DArtagnan, but little convinced, ashe knew better than anyone else how entirely personal the val canada goose site ueof this letter was, and was nothing in it likely to temptcupidity. The fact was that none of his servants, none of thetravelers present, could have gained anything by being possessedof this paper.Do you say, resumed DArtagnan, that you suspect

with laughing, and between two parries finding time topoint to a spot of earth with his sword, Here, cried he,parodying a verse of the Bible, here will Bicarat die; for Ionly am left, and they seek my life.But there are four against you; leave off, I command you.Ah, if you command me, thats another thing, said Bicarat. Asyou are canada goose site my commander, canada goose site it is my duty to obey. And springingbackward, he broke his sword across his knee to avoid thenecessity of surrendering it, threw the pieces over the conventwall, and crossed him arms, whistling a cardinalist air.Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy. The Musketeerssaluted Bicarat with their swords, and returned them to theirsheaths. DArtagnan did the same. Then, assisted by Bicarat,the only one left standing, he bore Jussac, Cahusac, and one

for I believe if he does notpay us, we shall be well enough paid by another party.At this moment a sud canada goose site den noise of footsteps was heard upon thestairs; the door was thrown violently open, and the unfortunatemercer rushed into the chamber in which the council was held.Save me, gentlemen, for the love o canada goose site f heaven, save me! cried he.There are four men come to arrest me. Save me! Save me!Porthos and Aramis arose.A moment, cried DArtagnan, making them a sign to replace inthe scabbard their half-drawn swords. It is not courage that isneeded; it is prudence.And yet, cried Porthos, we will not leave--You will leave DArtagnan to act as he thinks proper, saidAthos. He has, I repeat, the longest head of the four, and formy part I declare that I will obey him. Do as you think best,DArtagnan.At this