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her when she was a child, and he recognized her now. He knew that the beauty of Aola, of Whispering Winds Among the Leaves, had been sung from the Ohio to the Great Lakes. Often she passed him that afternoon. At sunset, as the braves untied him and led him away, he once more caugh pink canada goose vest t the full, intense gaze of her lovely eyes. That night as he lay securely bound in the corner of a lodge, and pink canada goose vest the long hours wore slowly away, he strained at his stout bonds, and in his mind revolved different plans of escape. It was not in this mans nature to despair; while he had life he would fight. From time to time he expanded his muscles, striving to loosen the wet buckskin thongs. The dark hours slowly passed, no sound coming to him save the distant bark of a dog and the monotonous tread of his guard; a

makes him meet his foe face to face, and if he is to die it gives him strength to diea man. The spirit is what makes him different from the arrow, the canoe, the mountain, and all the birds and beasts. For it is born of the Great Spirit, the creator of all. Him you must worship. Redmen, this worship is understanding your spirit and teaching it to do good deeds. It is called Christianity. Christianity is love. If you will love the Great Spirit you will love your wives, your children, your brothers, your friends, your foesyou pink canada goose vest will love the palefaces. No more will you idl pink canada goose vest e in winter and wage wars in summer. You will wear your knife and tomahawk only when you hunt for meat. You will be kind, gentle, loving, virtuousyou will have grown wise. When your days are done you will meet all your loved

it seemed to have a kind of strained attention. The savages head was poised, like that of a listening deer. The wary Indian scented danger. A faint moan breathed low abo pink canada goose vest ve the sound of gently splashing water somewhere beyond the glade. Woo-o-oo. The gua pink canada goose vest rds figure stiffened, and became rigidly erect; his blanket slowly slid to his feet. Ah-oo-o, sighed the soft breeze in the tree tops. Louder then, with a deep wail, a moan arose out of the dark gray shadows, swelled thrilling on the still air, and died away mournfully. Um-m-mmwoo-o-o-o! The sentinels form melted into the shade. He was gone like a phantom. Another Indian rose quickly, and glanced furtively around the glade. He bent over a comrade and shook him. Instantly the second Indian was on his feet. Scarcely had he gained a standing

custom. He held the afternoon service, and spoke to the largest congregation that had ever sat before him. He was surprised to find that the sermon, which heretofore so strongly impressed the savages, did not now arouse the slightest enthusiasm. It was followed by a brooding silence of a boding, ominous import. Four white men, dressed in Indian gar pink canada goose vest b, had been the most attentive listeners to Jims sermon. He recognized three as Simon Girty, Elliott and Deering, the renegades, and he learned from Edwards that the other was the notorious McKee. These men went through the village, pink canada goose vest stalking into the shops and cabins, and acting as do men who are on a tour of inspection. So intrusive was their curiosity that Jim hurried back to Mr. Wells cabin and remained there in seclusion. Of course, by this

heard the conversation, for he appeared at the cabin door, smoking a long pipe. Captain Williamson, I have come to entreat you to save the Christians from this impending massacre. I cant do nuthin, answered Williamson, removing his pipe to puff forth a great cloud of smoke. You have eighty men here! If we interfered Pipe would eat us alive in three minutes. You preacher fellows dont understand this thing. Youve got Pipe pink canada goose vest and Girty to deal with. If you dont know them, youll be better acquainted by sundown. I dont care who they are. Drunken ruffians and savages! Thats enough. Will you help us? We ar pink canada goose vest e men of your own race, and we come to you for help. Can you withhold it? I wont hev nuthin to do with this bizness. The chiefs hev condemned the village, an itll hev to go. If you fellars hed been

side of the Channel.Very well; and you--what will you do?I--I return to Paris.What, without chastising this insolent boy? asked the lady.The stranger was about to reply; but at the moment he opened hismouth, DArtagnan, who had heard all, precipitated himself overthe threshold of the door.This insolent boy chastises others, cried he; and I hope thatthis time he whom he pink canada goose vest ought to chastise will not escape him asbefore.Will not escape him? replied the stranger, knitting his brow.No; before a woman you would dare not fly, I presume?Remember, said Milady, seeing the strange pink canada goose vest r lay his hand on hissword, the least delay may ruin everything.You are right, cried the gentleman; begone then, on your part,and I will depart as quickly on mine. And bowing to the lady,sprang into his saddle, while her

it must be persisted in. To fight,that was to disobey the law, that was to risk his head, that wasto make at one blow an enemy of a minister more powerful than theking himself. All this young man perceived, and yet, to hispraise we speak it, he did not hesitate a second. Turningtowards Athos and his friends, Gentlemen, said he, allow me tocorrect your words, if you please. You said you were but three,but it appears to me we are four.But you are not one of us, said Porthos.Thats true, replied DArtagnan; I have not the uniform, but Ihave the spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer; I feel it,monsieur, and that impels me on.Withdraw, young man, cried Jus pink canada goose vest sac, who doubtless, by hisgestures and the expression of his countenance, had guessedDArtagnans desi pink canada goose vest gn. You may retire; we consent to that.

landlord was the same with whom he had hadthe difference at the hostelry of the Jolly Miller.Your affair is not bad, said Athos, after having tasted like aconnoisseur and indicated by a nod of his head that he thoughtthe wine good; and one may draw fifty or sixty pistoles fromthis good man. Then there only remains to ascertain whetherthese fifty or sixty pistoles are worth the risk of four heads.But observe, cried DArtagnan, that there is a woman in theaffair--a woman carried off, a woman who is doubtless threatened,tortured perhaps, and all because she is faithful to hermistress.Bewar pink canada goose vest e, DArtagnan, beware, said Aramis. You grow a littletoo warm, in my opinion, abo pink canada goose vest ut the fate of Madame Bonacieux.Woman was created for our destruction, and it is from her weinherit all our miseries.At this