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again abruptly into a peak higher still than the one upon which they stood. The broad Ohio, glistening in the sun, lay at the base of the mountain. Upon the bluff overlooking the river, and under the brow of the mountain, lay the frontier fort. In the clear atmosphere it stood out in bold relief. A small, low structure surrounded by a high stockade fence was all, and yet it did ssense canada goose not seem unworthy of its fame. Those watchful, forbidding loopholes, the blackened walls and timbers, told the history of ten long, bloody ssense canada goose years. The whole effect was one of menace, as if the fort sent out a defiance to the wilderness, and meant to protect the few dozen log cabins clustered on the hillside. How will we ever get across that big river? asked Jim, practically. Wadeswim, answered the hunter, laconically,

establish missionary posts in two other localitiesone near Goshhocking, a Delaware town; and one on the Muskingong, the principal river running through central Ohio. He had, with his helpers, Young and Edwards, journeyed from time to time to these points, preaching, making gifts, and soliciting help from chiefs. The most interesting feature, perhaps, of the varied life of the missionary party was a rivalry between ssense canada goose Young and Edwards ssense canada goose for the elder Miss Wells. Usually Nells attractiveness appealed more to men than Kates; however, in this instance, although the sober teachers of the gospel admired Nells winsome beauty, they fell in love with Kate. The missionaries were both under forty, and good, honest men, devoted to the work which had engrossed them for years. Although they were ardent

their death-throes. Deathwind! They have named him well. I guess he nearly killed Girty. Evidently, but surely the evil one protects the renegade. Jim Girtys doomed, whispered Joe, earnestly. Hes as good as dead already. Ive lived with Wetzel, and know him. He told me Girty had murdered a settler, a feeble old man, who lived near Fort Henry with his s ssense canada goose on. The hunter has sworn to kill the renegade; but, mind you, he did not tell me that. I saw it in his eyes. It wouldnt surprise me to see him jump out of these bushes at any moment. Im looking for it. If he knows there are only three left, hell be after them like a hound on a trail. Girty must hurry. Wheres he taking you? To the Delaware town. I dont suppose the chiefs will let any harm befall you; but Kate and I ssense canada goose would be better off dead. If

thats plain. Why have we been warned to go? Thats natural, seein theyre agin the preachin. What will they do with the converted Indians? Mighty onsartin. They migh ssense canada goose t let them go back to the tribes, but pears to me these good Injuns wont go. Another thing, Girty is afeered of the spread of Christianity. Then you think our Christians will be made prisoners? Pears likely. And you, also, think wed do well to leave here. I do, s ssense canada goose artin. Were startin for Fort Henry soon. Youd better come along with us. Captain Williamson, were going to stick it out, Girty or no Girty. You cant do no good stayin here. Pipe and Half King wont stand for the singin, prayin redskins, especially when theyve got all these cattle and fields of grain. Wetzel said the same. Hev you seen Wetzel? Yes; he rescued a girl from

submissive faces of women were uplifted with rapt attention. A light seemed to shine from these faces as if the contemplation of God had illumined them. As Zeisberger and Jim left the church and hurried toward the cabins, they saw the crowd of savages in a black mass round Girtys teepee. The yelling and leaping had ceased. Heckewelder opened the door. Evidently he had watched ssense canada goose for them. Jim! Jim! cried Nell, when he entered the cabin. Oh-h! I was afraid. Oh! I am glad youre back safe. See, this noble Indian has come to help us. Wingenund stood calm and erect by the door. Chief, what will you do? Wingenund will show you th ssense canada goose e way to the big river, answered the chieftain, in his deep bass. Run away? No, never! That would be cowardly. Heckewelder, you would not go? Nor you, Zeisberger? We may

considering that DArtagnan had ridden him hard during the laststage. Thus the dealer to whom DArtagnan sold him for the ninelivres did not conce ssense canada goose al from the young man that he only gave thatenormous sum for him on the account of the originality of hiscolor.Thus DArtagnan entered Paris on foot, carrying his little packetunder his arm, and walked about till he found an apartment to belet on terms suited to the scantiness of his means. This chamberwas a sort of garret, situated in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, nearthe Luxembourg.As soon as the earnest mone ssense canada goose y was paid, DArtagnan took possessionof his lodging, and passed the remainder of the day in sewingonto his doublet and hose some ornamental braiding which hismother had taken off an almost-new doublet of the elder M.DArtagnan, and which she had

congratulated them in private; but asno time was to be lost in gaining the king, M. de Trevillehastened to report himself at the Louvre. It was already toolate. The king was closeted with the cardinal, and M. deTreville was informed that the king was busy and could notreceive him at that moment. In the evening M. de Trevilleattended the kings gaming table. The king was winning; and ashe was very avaricious, he was in an excellent humor. PerceivingM. de Treville at a distance--Come here, Monsieur Captain, said he, come here, that I maygrowl at you. Do you know that his Eminence has been makingfres ssense canada goose h complaints against your Musket ssense canada goose eers, and that with so muchemotion, that this evening his Eminence is indisposed? Ah, theseMusketeers of yours are very devils--fellows to be hanged.No, sire,

time to payhim.The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down DArtagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.May I not drink to ssense canada goose your health, and you to mine? saidDArtagnan, filling two glasses with the Beaugency wine which hehad obtained from the liberality of M. Bonacieux.That will do me great honor, said the leader of the posse, andI accept thankfully.Then to yours, monsieur--what is your name?Boisrenard.Monsieur Boisrenard.To yours, my gentlemen! What is your name, in your turn, if youplease?DArtagnan.To yours, monsieur.And above all others, cried DArtagnan, as if carried away byhis enthusiasm, to t ssense canada goose hat of the king and the cardinal.The leader of the posse would perhaps have doubted the sincerityof DArtagnan if the wine had been bad; but the