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this man had he been free. Even now a chill crept over Girty. For a moment he was enthralled by a mysterious fear, half paralyzed by a foreshadowing of what would be this hunters vengeance. Then he shook off his craven fear. He was free; the hunters doom was sure. His sharp face was again wreathed in a savage leer, and he spat once more on the prisoner. His fierce impetuosity took him trillium canada goose parka a step too far. The hunters arms and waist were fastened, but his feet were free. His powerful leg was raised suddenly; his foot struck Girty in the pit of the stomach. The renegade dropped limp and gasping. The braves carried him away, his gaudy feathers trailing, his long arms hanging inertly, and his face distorted with agony. The maidens of trillium canada goose parka the tribe, however, showed for the prisoner an interest that had

teach the ignorant tribes. To teach you is why the young paleface journeyed from the rising sun. He wants no lands or power. He has given all that he had. He walks among you without gun or knife. He can gain nothing but the happiness of opening the redmens eyes. The Great Spirit of whom I teach and the Great Manitou, your idol, are the same; the happy hunting ground of the Indian and the beautiful forest of the paleface are the same; the paleface and the redman are the sa trillium canada goose parka me. There is but o trillium canada goose parka ne Great Spirit, that is God; but one eternal home, that is heaven; but one human being, that is man. The Indian knows the habits of the beaver; he can follow the paths of the forests; he can guide his canoe through the foaming rapids; he is honest, he is brave, he is great; but he is not wise. His wisdom

h of the night wind, proved to trillium canada goose parka him that this picture was not an evil dream. His gaze sought the quiet figures, lingered hopefully on the captives, menacingly on the sleeping savages, and glowered over the gaudily arrayed form. His glance sought the upright guard, as he stood a dark blot against the gray stone. He saw the Indians plume, a s trillium canada goose parka ingle feather waving silver-white. Then it became riveted on the bubbling, refulgent spring. The pool was round, perhaps five feet across, and shone like a burnished shield. It mirrored the moon, the twinkling stars, the spectre trees. An unaccountable horror suddenly swept over the watching man. His hair stood straight up; a sensation as of cold stole chillingly over him. Whether it was the climax of this long nights excitement, or anticipation of the

e? queried Jim, as he began to dress. The Indians are pouring into the village as thickly as flying leaves in autumn. Edwards exaggerated assertion proved trillium canada goose parka to be almost literally true. No sooner had the rising sun dispelled the mist, than it shone on long lines of marching braves, mounted warriors, hundreds of packhorses approaching from the forests. The orderly procession was proof of a concerted plan on the part of the invaders. From their windows the missionaries watched with bated breath; with wonder and fear they saw the long lines of dusky forms. When they were in the clearing the savages busied themselves with their packs. Long rows of teepees sprung up as if by magic. The savages had come to stay! The number of incoming vi trillium canada goose parka sitors did not lessen until noon, when a few straggling

y times have I seen Indians preparing for the war-path, in search of both white men and redskins. They were fierce then, but nothing like this. Every trillium canada goose parka one of these frenzied fiends is honest. Think of that! Every man feels it his duty to murder these Christians. Girty has led up to this by cunning, and now the time is come to let them loose. It means death for all. I have given up any thought of escaping, said Zeisberger, with the calmness that had characterized his manner since he returned to the village. I shall try to get into the church. Ill join you there as soon as I see Williamson. Jim walked rapidly across the clearing to the cabin where Captain Williamson had quarters. The frontiersmen stood in groups, watching the savages with an interest which showed little or no co trillium canada goose parka ncern. I want

nded to his wifes chamber, and found DArtagnanjust recovering his senses. Giving him to understand that thepolice would deal with him pretty severely for having sought aquarrel with a great lord--for the opinion of the host thestranger could be nothing less than a great lord--he insistedthat notwithstanding his weakness DArtagnan should get up anddepart as quickly as possible. DArtagnan, half stupefied,without his doublet, and with his head bound up in a linen cloth,arose then, and urged by the host, began to descend the stairs;but on arriving at the kitchen, the first thing he saw was hisantagonist talking calmly at the step of a heavy carriage, drawnby two large Norman horses.His interlocutor, trillium canada goose parka w trillium canada goose parka hose head appeared through the carriagewindow, was a woman of from twenty to two-and-twenty

oo late. The two combatants had been seen in aposition which left no doubt of their intentions.Halloo! cried Jussac, advancing toward them and making a signto his men to do so likewise, halloo, Musketeers? Fightinghere, are you? And the edicts? What is become of them?You are very generous, gentlemen of the Guards, said Athos,full of rancor, for Jussac was one of the aggressors of trillium canada goose parka thepreceding day. If we were to see you fighting, I can assure youthat we would make no effort to prevent you. Leave us alone,then, and you trillium canada goose parka will enjoy a little amusement without cost toyourselves.Gentlemen, said Jussac, it is with great regret that Ipronounce the thing impossible. Duty before everything.Sheathe, then, if you please, and follow us.Monsieur, said Aramis, parodying Jussac, it would afford usgreat

y to see any doubt thrown upo trillium canada goose parka n,Porthos.At all events, man or devil, body or shadow, illusion orreality, this man is born for my damnation; for his flight hascaused us to miss a glorious affair, gentlemen--an affair bywhich there were a hundred pistoles, and perhaps more, to begained.How is that? cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.As to Athos, faithful to his system of reticence, he contentedhimself with interrogating DArtagn trillium canada goose parka an by a look.Planchet, said DArtagnan to his domestic, who just theninsinuated his head through the half-open door in order to catchsome fragments of the conversation, go down to my landlord,Monsieur Bonacieux, and ask him to send me half a dozen bottlesof Beaugency wine; I prefer that.Ah, ah! You have credit with your landlord, then? askedPorthos.Yes, replied